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Welcome back all our babies two friends and family  to an amazing new week at Riversdale

Today we Welcome Olive, Braxton, Indiana, Oskar, Chester, Loki Daisy and Zeppelin to our Monday, As it was a chilly morning for all our friends today we stayed inside with our friends from babies one and three as we all arrived until all our educators arrived and we split into our own rooms to start on our room activities and songs until we prepare for our transition songs to morning tea and the rest of our day.

For the group time, Miss Shae and Miss Tatiane joined with our friends after got cleaned up and ready for our lunch to sing an array of different songs and read a sensory book allowing the children to enhance one of their many senses. As we discuss what it felt like throughout Olive, Loki, Oskar and Chester each turned happily aiding to the page turning and we completed our blurb on each page. Happily, until we ran out of pages and went onto singing open shut them before getting all our energy out with sleep little bunnies until miss Loz came in with our delicious lunch.

Outside this morning the children had the opportunity to participate in a sensory tray that miss Tatiane had set up for us, allowing the children all different textures, terrains, and environments to work as a team or individually to get messy and creative with these items, with Sand, dinosaurs, bark, leaves, trains tracks and trains, cars, streamers and ribbons enhancing our imaginative play, cognitive skills, team work, sharing and the best of all having FUN!                                                                   After we were complete of this activity we all ventured off to have some fun in the babies one yard before our inside paining activity.

Inside at the table the children had the opportunity to create their own fireworks, using green and pink paint and all different sized cogs to stamp onto a blue piece of paper to create their own individual interpretation of what fireworks look like. Then once finished our stamping we got to throw on some green glitter to represent the light effects before we hear the big boom of noise. All while discussing with the children what they were creating allowing them to know some fun facts about fireworks and hear the sound of firework through the speaker once we were all inside at the lunch table and seeing the children’s remarks was great. Olive shouted “WOW” while a few of our friends got frightened from the sound but were comforted and we went on with our lunch before getting washed up and heading to bed, as our  friend’s sleep times vary depending on their routines.  All our friends followed their own sleep routine and they slept well in their cots with some nice and calm music inside the sleep room at all times.

This afternoon we will be engaging with outdoor free play until it gets cooler and we will proceed inside to play in our room until we are collected.

Have a great Afternoon

Love Miss Shae and Miss Tatiane