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A lovely morning as children created a game of hide and seek, finding magnets and experimenting what has a metal surface.

The rest of the morning the children were engaged with creating their own story books. Writing storyline’s, gluing, cutting, drawing, stapling, using the hole punch and adding ribbons. Cognitive development as children mastered the stapler and built knowledge of how to build a book that opens. Children feel a strong sense of identy as they contribute to their world.


This this afternoon the children experimented with paint water and mixing of colours. Cognitive development as we folded paper towel fans to make flowers. Magical travelling coloured water as we made paper towel ropes to go in each bowl.

Lego ships boats and houses, colouring in sheets with dot to to guided children in ways to draw. Pencil control to colour in the lines and fine motor development.

A new domino game with turn taking, dice and colour sequences was suggested by Mr Andrew.

Dancing, music, group tiggy game in the playground with a spy theme.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

thanks for reading the oshc post. 🌺🦋 Miss Lea ❤️🦋