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Hello Families, Welcome to the OSHC page on this Fabulous Friday. A quiet morning as Kindergarten 1 & 2 joined us outdoorsin the playground. Tia helped others on the swing while Scarlett and Sienna took turns on the hopscotch mat. Intentional teaching of the sequence the game is played in. Enhancing balance and cognitive skills, Billy arrived to join in as the girls outlined the rules, he joined in the play experience. Indoors Tia constructed a castle with LEGO while. Illy, Scarlett, Sienna an d Jaxon took turns to throw the ping pong ball into the hanging jar. Transition to school suggested by Scarlett, Sienna and Tia. Na e your favourite teacher and school bag. I was so surprised at that I was included into favourite teacher. Feeling blessed 🥰. On the way to school we talked about white balloon day and separated parents.

This afternoon we played a group game called “green sausages” a challenge that is not as easy as it sounds. One child sits on the lounge chair while the other children ask that one child, silly questions. The child on the lounge has to answer every question with “green sausages”. If they laugh or smile the child asking the question gets the next turn. The challenges continued as we used the timer, coloured pegs, a divider tray and tweezers. Picking up the coloured pegs with the tweezers and sorting them into the divider tray until there are no more pegs left. Maha went on to guess how many pegs in each section before counting them out. Enhancing cognitive and fine motor skills with a sense of agency. Sienna had the fastest time. Another challenge was to make a nominated pattern onto a rubber band board. First one to create a star with the rubber bands, first one to make lines. Science experiments with small clear cups, coloured water and a syringe had Sienna and Falagi testing theories, guessing and problem solving multiple variations. Scarlett read aloud to herself books from the shelf. Logan and Tia  obstructed wooden car tracks across the floor. “Does this piece go”.asked Logan, “Oh yeah, that will make the road loop around the corner” Falagi, joined Logan and Tia and together they decided to create a prison from LEGO to incorporate into their play.