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Welcome back to the OSHC page. We had a lovely morning as we created story lines  and role played with the plastic animals. Scarlett, Sienna, Lucas and Wynter set up a variety of cup, bowl and buckets on the tables to make different scenarios for the ping pong challenge. Intentional teaching to help Scarlett learn to draw unicorn ice creams. The children joined in conversations as we counted the differences in spot the difference. Paying attention to details was fun with the highest count at 40 differences. Scarlett, Sienna and Tia copied from pictures, with Wooden shapes to make pictures, visual perception and problem solving. Lucas and Billy used cardboard in between the tables as a net to play ping pong. This is the first time I’ve played ping pong, said Billy. The boys played this game for most of the morning. Favourite flavour ice cream was the transition topic as children caught the ball.

A group talk to pay our respects to the traditional land owners.  The children extzended on their knowledge through conversations. A quiet afternoon, and children quickly became engaged in play as the change of the room’s structure and layout with new resources introduced. Plastic connectors,, drawing,  colouring in, playdough manipulation. Coen and Isabella created many play food plates in home corner, becoming aware of healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles, the children spontaneously extended their play to include yoga poses.  Excitement In our garden as we spotted the new leaf growth. These are are our snake bean vines. The afternoon finished with mattress  construction creating houses and family storyline’s with dramatic play.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page. Have a lovely weekend everyone, looking forwards to seeing you all again next week. 🦋❤️🥰 Miss Lea