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Hello Familes. Welcome to the OSHC page for the last day of term 3. A quiet day as Sienna, Scarlett, Lucasand Tia combined with Kindy 1 & 2 in the playground. The children had their hair painted purple for awareness and respect for the late Olivia Douglas. Tia stirred, poured, and spooned water with a ladle to create cakes in the mud kitchen. Spooning out the mixture to mould with her hands to create cupcakes and cookies. Scarlett, Sienna and Lucas played ping pong tiggy. Transitioning into the small yard the children role played with others in the wooden boat, creating storyline’s with sharks, islands and swimming. Before we went to School catch the ball and talk about what you will doo er the holidays.

We started the afternoon with a YouTube Dreamtime story called “Mirreem the Kangaroo and Warreem the Wombat. Helping Children respond to diversity with cultural respect. An engaging story that also helped children realise how to treat others fairly. Colouring in sheets, cutting and drawing, ice cream unicorns were a popular choice. Group discussions on which one was the best, helped to build self confidence. Keyalee and Falagi versed each other in games of connect 4. Extending their play to giant bowling. Scarlett, Sienna, Logan and Taylah created LEGO buildings together. The buildings surrounded Logan’s jail.

If you would like to see some photos, please ask as I would love to share them with you.

take Care and stay safe over the holidays. Looking. Forward to seeing you all again in a few weeks time. 🥳❤️💚👋🌺🐝😷 Miss Lea