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Good Day OSHC families, welcome back to the OSHC blog. A fabulous  Friday as Tia and Wynter cut, drew, wrote and coloured paper to create birthday cards for their friends. Indoors as an extension from kinetic sand and different sensory textures, the children worked in flour and nutalex to make a microwave 1 minute cookie. “I don’t want to cook mine yet, I just want to keep playing with it” said Scarlett as she kneeded the dough with her hands. Tia and Billy got to redeem their Riversdale dollars this morning for prizes of their choice. Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite cake.

This afternoon started with a group story called “Piranas don’t eat Bananas”. There was various things happening today, Ellie, Falagi, Logan and Parker constructed magnetic shapes to make slides, tunnels and houses. Logan, Scarlet and Sienna took turns for the bottle toss. Drawing, writing names, hearts, colouring and cutting was popular with the girls. Outdoors, children developed gross motor skills as they played games of tag, made sandcastles and rode bikes and scooters. Wooden puzzles at the end of the day randomly picking up pieces and fitting it into the frame.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone 🎉👋😎😷💚❤️🦋🌺 Miss Lea