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Happy Friday everyone! This morning started with Wynter and Jaxon calculating some maths as they counted the numbers on the dice duo while playing a board game. Moving counters and taking turns, becoming aware of fairness as each player moved back and forth to the lead. As others arrived we headed to the garden and repotted some marigold seedlings. “I love flowers, flowers are our friends”, said Wynter as she watered the garden. Children wound the twirler into the compost bin and helped to stir our fruit and vegetable scraps to make compost. “Can we have some strawberries asked Scarlet and Sienna?” We looked at new flowers and saw some strawberries growing, but none were quite ripe enough to eat.  Coming back indoors, Everyone washed their hands. Fine motor development as children rubbed through nutalex and flour to form a dough. Everyone made an individual cookie to eat. “These are delicious” was the general comment in the room. Transitioning to school, catch the ball and name something you will do on the weekend. Walk and Talk, was about people we know and how do we know them.

lots of laughs this afternoon as the children played in a different room. Scarlett, Sienna, Taylah, and Billy did many clothes changes with the dress ups, Logan judged which costume was the best or silliest. Logan, Scarlett, Sienna and Taylah then debated roles to play customers, shop keeper, cashier and chef. Taking orders, count in g money, enhancing their memory and creative development as they suggested healthy foods to choose from.        Coen, Parker Ellie and Falangi constructed houses from mattresses. Role playing families with a pet tiger. Self serve afternoon tea was a selection of fresh fruits and raw slice. Intentional teacheing, Maha and Isabella got to learn a new game of boxes. Strategies and problem solving had them playing multiple games.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page, stay safe over the weekend and enjoy. Looking forward to seeing you all again next week. 😉😎🎉🐝💚❤️ Miss Lea