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welcome to the Riversdale Outside School Hours Care page. It’s the last day of term two. Due to wet surfaces and rain we spent this morning indoors. We continued with making edible slime as most of the children here this morning were not here yesterday afternoon. Looks so soft, and baby pink, said Wynter. Feels so good, said Ruby. The children rolled the marshmallow slime into cornflour to make a smoother softer texture. Kneeling the slime helps develop fine motor muscles. Scarlett, Sienna and  Tia drew unicorn dogs at super parks with rides, money, prizes and slides. As a group Lucas, Billy, Wynter, Jason, Ruby, Sienna, Tia and Scarlett created a fort for safety, as they developed ice queens, baddies and goodies. I’m shooting lazers said Wynter as she raised her arm. We need to make the fort bigger, said Lucas as more children joined in the game. Creative dramatic play. The concept was very clever as one child walked around the outside of the fort while those inside crawled around. And randomly stood up. A bit like tag. Transition to school was catch the ball and name one thing you would like to do over the school holidays.

A quiet afternoon with Maha and Isabella making paint from pens, Falani and Parker constructed magnetic shapes and incorporated a Spider-Man toy into their storyline’s of crashing buildings. Jaxon, Logan and Coen made their own rooms from mattresses and called it their house. Can I live with you guys? Asked Jaxon as he looked into the rooms. We finished up with musical games and face painting.

Stay safe over the school holidays and have fun!

Looking forwards to hearing all about your adventures in a few weeks time. 🥰🐝🌺😎👍💚❤️ Miss Lea