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Good Morning and welcome to a new week of fun at Riversdale OSHC. The children set up an obstacle course in the playground, balancing, stretching and testing their gross motor skills and agility. They extended their group play into a game of hide and seek whileArianna and Sophia cooked in the mud kitchen, adding sand and water to create soup and gum. We transitioned into the garden, eating tomatoes, watering plants, looking at and patting our worms. In the side playground we played stuck in the mud. Chanting songs and counting with fists in to see who is it. Children were engaged in play and saved others to go back into the game  by climbing under their A frame legs. Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite breakfast.

This afternoon we headed back into the kindy 2 room. A group talk about respectfulness, then extending into a discussion about Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people. We payed respect with a recited verse to the traditional land owners of Australia. Indoors there was role play in the home area with Falangi, Scarlett and Sienna as they played  chefs, customers and servers. Busily cooking preparing and taking orders for pizzas, drink and food. Sage and Matilda played babies as they dressed, cuddled and made beds for the dolls. Their storyline’s incorporated calling for the doctor, going to buy the babies baby food from the shops. Lucy and Bobby enjoyed the sensory feel of playdough. In the playground the children balanced on beams and created an obstacle course with the giant ball, and hoops. A positive way to use their energy, which extended to a ball game of piggy in the middle.

have a restful night. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

please ask to see more photos on the iPad. Happy to share 😷😏👍🙌🏻🎉😎🥰💚Miss Lea