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A chilly morning in the playground. We did some bird watching and found minors and rainbow lorikeets. To warm up we used the stopwatch on my phone, created  and obstacle course and took turns to run, jump in hoops. Foot precision and gross motor skills. Lucas got the best time by 2 milliseconds. Children lined up again and again to get their best time. Children extended on this experience by racing around the playground circuit. Recreating the obstacles.

i don’t like coming last said Otto. “The only person you are racing against is yourself and you can get faster the more you practice. ” I said.  “Yeah” said Otto with satisfaction.

indoors the children constructed cubby houses. Role play in home corner was Lucas, Matilda, Tia, and Otto, there was dress ups, hairdressers, waiting room and front counter. Children are developing confident self identities.

as national story week we read Give me some Space. As an extension we talked about gravity, planets and the universe. On our walk and talk to school we discussed who had a theme in their bedroom at home. I explained after a few puzzled looks that theme meant something they have a lot of in their room or their favourite things.


Today is my birthday, so today I threw a party. Children got to build on their self autonomy skills as they buttered their own bread to make fairy bread, we played pass the parcel with a twist that once you got a toy (paddle ball) you had to rewrap the parcel. Blowing up balloons, balloon games, don’t let it touch the ground, and balancing. Hand eye coordination with the paddle balls.

Thanks for reading the OSHC post.

❤️🥰🎉Miss Lea