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Welcome back to a new week at Riversdale OSHC ~ Out Side Hours Care. A lovely morning riding scooters, bikes balancing on sea saws and building forts in the playground. Jordan, Lucas and Wynter incorporated the forts and discs into their game of tag, creating rules of fairness. Matilda got new reading glasses so she asked Ruby if she would like to read a book with her. Lucas, Jordan, Billy and Jason gathered in home corner, “Look how much money I’ve got, I’m selling everything” said Lucas.  The boys conversed and bartered with the play food and items they found around the room. Tia and Wynter created a house from mattresses. I taught the children a new game on paper called boxes. Thinking strategies and taking turns to complete as many boxes as they can.Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite thing to wear.

This afternoon the story book was fins and claws with a group discussion about animals. Stand up sit down game had Billy as the winner today. Lucas, Jordan, Jaxon and Bobby read the lift the flap book of superheroes and discussed characters. Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda role played families in the teepee then extended to made a house from the rainbow parachute, then in home corner they role played birthdays, presenting toys as gifts and singing happy birthday. . Rainbow ribbon twirls and  dancing was very graceful bringing a sense of agency and calmness. Bobby showed self regulation when he felt overwhelmed he asked for a quiet space, so I helped him build a cubby house. Jaxon matched colours and shapes as he built with magnetic shapes.using visual perception to construct a ninja star.

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