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Welcome to Monday at Riversdale OSHC. This morning some of the children coloured their hair as part of the crazy hair day. In the playground Lucas and Jordan constructed a fort up in the treehouse, Bunking down tohide while others hid in the playground, to play hide and seek. Matilda and Wynter role played in the boat.”Drive to the campsite”  requested Matilda as Wynter drove the wooden boat. Indoors Arianna, Sophia and Matilda continued to paint the boxes from last week. Jordan, Jaxon and Lucas constructed mattresses with a teepee to role play families. Tia and Wynter played shops in home corner, taking turns to become the customer, spending and counting money. Transitioning to school, catch the ball and name your favourite thing to do. Lucas and Bobby earnt a Riversdale dollar each for spontaneously picking up rubbish and taking care of our environment.

This afternoon the children clapped in time to the music with clapping sticks. Jordan and Jaxon extended this by creatively tapping on each other’s rhythm sticks in the air in perfect timing. There was group play as children constructed cubby houses. “We’re playing Mums and Dads with money” said Scarlett. Bobby went to the shop with $20 then emerged from a cubby house with a book and $5. “ I buyed something” he said with a big smile on his face. A great thing to sell as this also had the children reading the books they had bought. Art and craft had the children mixing flour into the sticky playdough, a sensory experience that also enhanced their fine motor muscle development. Rolling snake like ropes and making snails was popular. Songs and music  had body’s moving as they sang along to songs.

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