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Welcome OSHC families on this lovely sunny Monday morning. Today I helped to teach Wynter and Jordan how to make paper airplanes. Giant planes made from A3 paper had the children drawing and writing their names on them to make them their own. “I’m going to write, Do not get it”  said Jordan. I don’t get it, what does that mean? I asked. It’s so people won’t take it. He replied. “How about writing , Do not touch. I suggested. “Yes” agreed Wynter, you don’t want other people to touch it.  Jordan went on to write, Do not touch, and he also wrote, Be safe” he did not need help with his spelling but wrote everything correctly. Jaxon arrived and asked if I could help him make a paper plane too. As we finished he grabbed a red texta and said, “ I’m going to write my name in red cuz red is my favourite colour. As the children finished decorating their planes they flew them together from the treehouse. This morning we transitioned into the garden and watered the plants as we inhaled the scent of mint and talked about what our favourite plants are, reflecting on stories of what plants we have growing at home. Transitioning to school with what is your favourite bird. Jordan and Jaxon rainbow lorikeet, Wynter said a budgie.

This afternoon we welcomed, Sage, Reid, Jordan and Jaxon into the playground. Joining in play with the younger children as they balanced on a beam and took turns to shoot balls into the basketball hoop. Enhancing gross motor skills as they ran around the playground with others and took turns on scooters and bikes. Indoors Jaxon and Reid created roads with wooden tracks. There was musical interest as Sage creatively made tunes on the xylophone.

Stay safe everyone, looking forward to catching up with you all again soon 🌺👍🤩🥰😎😷 Miss Lea