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Hello families, welcome to a new week at Outside School Hours Care. A beautiful clear morning after the rain last night.  In the mud Kitchen “What are you cooking girls”? I asked Ruby, Matilda and Tia. “Vanilla cupcakes, they are our favourite”  they replied. Jordan, Billy, Wynter, and Jaxon incorpated the obstacle course into their game of tag. IndOors there was drawing  olouring and fingerprints. I painted Arianna and Sophia’s arm at their request for daffodil day. Others played hide and seek. Transition to school catch the ball and name your dream job. Suggested by Sophia.

a great start to the afternoon as Scarlett, Sienna and Bobby did their homework. Group story was called Brave, Scared Lion. Chants, rythum and singing filled the room as the children sang and clapped the double, double this that song.  Bobby, Jordan and Falagi constructed many tracks, houses, goggles, and flip up folders from magnetic shapes. Incorporating them into their play experiences had them making various modifications along the way. Matilda, Scarlett and Sienna drew, wrote and glued Father’s Day cards together. Another project we have underway for Father’s Day is painted foot prints, but I won’t give too much away. All I can say is the children squeezed, jiggled and laughed at this sensory experience. Outdoors the children engaged with role play in the sand kitchen and games of tag.

if you would like to see photos please come and see me as I would love to show you them on the iPad. Have a calm happy night. 💚🦋🌻🤩Miss Lea