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Welcome back to the OSHC page. Yahoo back to school,  it was lovely to see familiar faces again today.  This morning Matilda, Lucas and Wynter did the timer challenge,  completing the alphabet puzzle in the fastest time. As we ventured outside Lucas, Wynter, Matilda and Tia helped to set the playground up, placing an obstacle course with rubber colour dots in the treehouse. I suggested to play the colour game. When the music stops you touch a colour, if I draw that colour card from the uno deck you get a point. We then venture into the side playground and played with the slides. “Can we play bulrush?” Asked Sophia. In a group setting Arianna showed leadership skills as explained the rules for those who didn’t know how to play. Walk and talk on the way to school we talked about what we did in the previous wee and on the weekend.

This afternoon we gathered for a group talk as Reid showed us a picture he had drawn. It’s called an Endadragon, he announced and its from Minecraft. We outlined what was available for play for the afternoon and then children went to wash their hands to enjoy fresh fruit and crackers for afternoon tea. Falange, Jordan, Lucy, Owen, and Jaxon gathered at the table to create multiple designs of marble maze, when Falange yelled with excitement,  “Miss Lea we did it!” The marbles flowed through from every direction. The harlequin cotton beetles were back for some tickly sensations, while Bobby created a safe space cubby he called his base. Making signs for each panel. He then invited Matilda and Sage in at a price with play money.  Keya, Mariah and Tia completed the giant alphabet floor puzzle and also role played families in home corner.            A quick play outdoors generated games of tag, bikes, scooters and cooking up many dishes in the mud kitchen was Keyalee and Mariah.

Have a happy night, and best wishes. Looking forward to sharing the next play experiences with you all in the next blog. 🥰🎉😷🥳🙌🏻 Miss Lea.