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A great morning as children constructed a cubby house to role play families. We transitioned into the next room and the weather began to warm as the sun rose. Group games started with silent ball and progressed into piggy in the middle. Wynter, Lucas , Sophia, Arianna and Hazel enhanced their fine motor skills as they coloured in and drew, cut and glued pictures. Sophia taught others how to make a paper sig zag chain.  Tia, Lucas, Ruby, Violet and Hazel used their sensory perception to feel and guess different objects around the room. Riverdale dollars were handed out this morning and Billy, Matilda, Lucas and Arianna had earnt enough dollars to spend their money and redeem their money. For a prize. Transitioning to school with catch the ball to name their favourite flower.. . Tumbling the compost on the way to school. Walk and talk was about what is the latest they have stayed up and whether they fell asleep when allowed to stay up.

This afternoon, Parker, Lucas and Bobby constructed mattresses and made signs with pictures to make an Among Us. As an extension of painting posters yesterday, today we used recycled cardboard and painted freely as a group. Owen used pictures to make pictures from wooden shapes. Guess what’s in the box was once again a popular sensory experience as children closed their eyes and relied on what they could feel. Ellie and Mariah created a story line and theatrical show as they used mattresses as a barrier. Lots of signs, drawing and writing incorporated into their play.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page. Looking forward to being able to post photos again Soon. Fingers crossed. Please come and see me if you would like to view the photos on my iPad.

Best wishes for lots of positive vibes. ❤️💚🤩😎😉💚❤️ Miss Lea.