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Hello Families, welcome  to a. Happy Thursday. This morning Hazel, Wynter, Violet and Lucas drew pictures and patterns, cutting the paper with pattern scissors Hazel and Wynter made paper bracelets. Outdoors the children completed an obstacle course that challenged their balance as they stretched across spaced out stepping blocks and beams. Group play digging together in the sandpit to create a bed to sleep in. Negotiating with others on where to dig. We then headed to the slides in the side yard to run around. Fists in as I chanted a song, eliminatiing someone at the end of each rhyme to find out who will be the Taggers in the game of bull rush. After several rounds,  I suggested a change of game and Sophia suggested Toilet flush. A game where if you get tagged you sit down with your hand in the air (being a toilet).  Other players can push your hand down (flush) to release that player back into the game. We chilled down with a game of 21. Counting to 21 if your number is 21 you catch the ball and name your favourite lollie then grab your bag to go to school.

This afternoon all the children played in the side yard. Lots of energy as they took turns going down the slides. Afternoon tea of corn chips, guacamole and bean dips with fresh fruits. Colouring in sheets of I spy and King Kong for those who wanted to just chill. Indoors they played silent ball, role played in home corner, played in the pop up tent, drew pictures and built marble mazes. Out in the big playground the children played tag and cooked up a feast in the mud kitchen.  Children have a strong sense of identity as they played with others.

A little trouble uploading photos today, so id be happy to show you some pics on the iPad. Just ask.

sending out positive vibes,  Take care x Miss Lea ❤️🦋👋👋🥳🥰🌺