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This  morning we spun and looked at our compost bins. “Is it just poo in the compost” asked Sophia. We looked inside to see the fruit and vegetable scraps and grass are a little wet. Yesterday we added paper towels, but still need to add more dry grass to make healthy compost dirt. If anyone would like any help with composting please see Miss Lea, I am very happy to help everyone become more sustainable with easy solutions.

Sand play, swings, bikes and scooters, and a group game of tag were children’s spontaneous choices in the playground this morning.

Billy brought in a 100 piece poppit, children took turns to pop all the pops in the fastest time. The poppit challenge begins.

Snails were popular, as children searched for the smallest new baby snail, this snail wasbrought in by Lucas.

Developing fine muscles strength as the children shared playdough. To transition to school we mixed it up with the skipping rope challenge, jumping over the moving rope. A few children voiced that they couldn’t skip and gave it a try. Extension skipping in the yard..

As a continuation of poppits this afternoon the children took turns in the poppet challenge. Versing friends and finding new strategies to popp multiple bubbles at one time.

Charlie said shes not good at cutting but, she   percervered with her fine motor development and took time to cut out a felt heart. There was colouring in sheets relating to children’s interests and play experiences. Bobby and Parker related well to the wolves as it related to their play experiences.

Ping pong, magnetic magnetic construction and building houses to role play families and schools with teachers.  The children negotiated environments and problem solved with a sense of fairness.

Have a fabulous day/ evening.

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