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Good Morning. A gentle start to the day as children engaged in giant LEGO and building wooden tracks. In the playground the children played a group game of tag with a police theme. “I have an idea” suggested Tia, if you get put in jail you have to complete a task. “You have to find a key” added Wynter. “I found the key” said Lucas. Where was it I asked. “We have hidden it from the police, so they can’t get in” replied Tia.  Creative development as children contributed to their new play experience, becoming aware of fairness as they made rules and listened to each other’s suggestions and negotiated a game structure.    Matilda brought in a colouring in book and pens, showing me what she had coloured she added that she does this to calm down when she gets mad. Indoors Matilda, Sophia, Hazel, and Arianna drew and coloured pictures of animals, and stars. Tia, Violet, Hazel Bobby and Lucas created signs and constructed mattress cubby houses with meals, and bedrooms. Dramatic play of families. As an extension from yesterday, today Lucas, and Billy used 6 scrunched up balls of paper, throwing them into the basket. It was not so easy as they paper balls were so light to throw. Problem solving by moving closer and further away. Transition to school this morning was catch the ball and name your favourite cartoon character.

This afternoon the children have been requesting snails 🐌 so there was snail baths, snail pats and snail towers and lots of slimey sensations. Scarlett, Lucy, Mariah and Ellie created their own surveys as to what children’s likes and dislikes are. Cookies or ice cream. Smiles or frowns, do you like me. We’re just some of the questions. Music, dancing, shops and money in home corner. Mattress and tee pee combined with a doona and ribbons had the children creating the biggest house ever. What’s your house called, I asked. Coen is the boss said Issabella. “Imagine World” they said. A very calm afternoon as the children conversed and played with fairness and respect.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page. Please ask to see photos on my iPad . Looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow. 🥰🎉🐌🦗💚❤️ Miss Lea