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Hello OSHC families. Welcome back to another before and after school Care post. This morning Lucas played games of naughts and crosses, while Tia, Violet and Hazel took turns to practice their writing and drawing skills on the chalk boards. Outdoors Arianna and Sophia played Auz Tag, while Lucas, Hazel, Violet, Matilda and Tia created a game incorporating the grass hill. Similar to tag but the hill is a safe space that they can’t stay on for long. As the morning progressed, children extended their play experiences Bobby and Lucas played around the world with hoops and the basketball hoop. Hazel, Violet, Tia, Matilda dug in the sandpit to create a big hole they stood in and then filled it in. Indoors, Bobby and Lucas played connect 4 games, keeping an awareness of their opponents moves and forming strategies to line up 4. Arianna, Sophia, Tia, Matilda, Hazel and Violet created nature pictures of ocean, beach night skies with paint and brushes.

This afternoon we read a group story book called “The internet is like a puddle” we talked about stranger danger and viruses on computers. Children are showing an increasing awareness of how to be safe. Delicious fruits and rice cakes for afternoon tea was a welcome snack for hungry kids. For Art and craft, the children moulded air drying clay to make birds nests, hearts, a toilet, a bowl, a plate. Enhancing fine motor muscle development while enjoying the sensory experience with a sense of agency. Bobby, Taylah, and Scarlett went on to play giant bowling and giant connect 4. Running games outside was a great positive way to use energy at the end of our day.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC post. Please ask to see some photos on the iPad, happy to share. 🐝🌺❤️👋🥰🌻 Miss Lea