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Welcome to the Outside School Hours Care page. A lovely morning outside as children continued to make, decorate and fly paper planes. Wynter requested to make a paper chatter box. “My Mum taught me where to put the colours and numbers, and then we refold it” said Wynter as she coloured her chatterbox with a sense of agency. Violet, Tia and Lucas enhanced their running skills with a group game of Seaweed. A tag game where you have to hide, then run back to a base, holding a friends hand like seaweed to be safe. Indoors Violet, Hazel, Arianna, and Sophia shared many laughs as they stretched their bodies into tricky positions with a game of twister. Wynter created houses from magnetic shapes, while Tia, Lucas and Billy tallied each other with games of hand ball. To transition to school catch the ball and name your favourite takeaway food. The winning vote was Subway.

This afternoon The children gathered for group time as Lucy showed her show and share from school, it was all about her family. Fresh fruit, corn chips, and advocacy and bean dip for afternoon tea was very popular. Everyone then was keen to make kinetic sand. Two large trays were placed on the tables and everyone got to mix sand, cornflour and olive oil. “It feels so soft” commented Ruby. “I made an ice cream” added Matilda. The children compared the different textures as they engaged in the sensory experience. As the children went home they got to take some home in a cup. At their request. Later in the afternoon, Bobby played with LEGO, Parker and Ellie built with magnetic shapes, while other drew pictures.

Thanks for reading the OSHC page. Please ask to see some photos and a video from today, there’s some really good ones. Have a great night. Looking forward to seeing you all next time. Miss Lea 🥳🥰😷🎉👋🦋❤️🌺💚☀️🙌🏻