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thisA fantastic Morning!

Creating storyline’s and role play with natural resources. Arianna & Sophia sifted the bark away from the sand then added water to make cupcakes. Hazel, Violet, Ruby and Wynter joined forces to make tunnels only to go on and find buried treasures. Hazel drew a picture for a friend whom has moved  away.

indoors children took turns going from youngest to oldest to knock down the tower in the tower of strength game. Sophia asked why the youngest go first, we discussed as a group how we learn and can do more as we grow. Becoming aware of fairness the children learnt everyone’s age and respectfully took turns to throw a wooden disk.

The children got out their personalised decorated envelopes and added Riversdale dollars that  they had earnt through the week for making great choices. Mathematical skills as they added and subtracted to how much they need before they cash them in for a prize from the prize box. Colouring in, silent ball and transitioning to school with Limbo.

A great Afternoon as children took turns to spin the compost bin. Making healthy dirt for our gardens.

This afternoon Miss Crystal read the children a story on being respectful and kind to others. The children listened intently and responded with full body listening.

There was lots of interest in the grasshoppers as we held and flew them around the room. The children went on to make them a home.

Colouring in writing and cutting enhanced our fine motor skills as we prepare for mother’s day next week.

thanks for reading the OSHS post x

Miss Lea ❤️🐌🌺🦋🐝🐛🕷🐜💚🎉🥰