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Hello and welcome to the OSHC page on this lovely Thursday. This morning Arianna and Sophia painted on the verandah with a sense of agency. Matilda repeatedly ran her hand over a bowl of sand in a circular rhythmic motion. What are you making? I asked. “ A pie” she replied as she kept staring down at the bowl enjoying the sensory experience. At another area of the sand pit Tia, Violet and Hazel filled different bowls and pots with sand adding and stirring water. We are making cupcakes, said Violet as she turned a baking tray upside down to reveal cupcake shapes. Arianna joined in and moulded the sand into her cupped hand making the shape of a cookie. Lucas kicked the ball and perfected his basketball hoop shots. Indoors there was shapes and sorting with colours on the light box. Construction of dominos and more Father’s Day craft. Transitioning to school subject was suggested by Hazel this morning. What is your favourite thing to do in the pool. What a great subject seeing as the children have been having swimming all week. A snack on the fresh tomatoes in the garden and walk and talk we discussed the ways the leaves were blowing along the ground from the wind, from the cars driving by, or falling from the trees. Lots of nature observations.

This afternoon as Miss Steph read a story called “Stealing my Kisses”. Scarlett, Sienna, Matilda and Taylah completed their homework helping each other with sums and sight words. Lucas, Parker and Bobby constructed an annex next to the pop up tent. They creatively invented a game called chicken. Parker explained the rules of not letting the tiny toy chicken land near you or it blows you up and you are out of the game. I believe they incorporated hide and seek into this. The last of the Fathers Day craft was finished today. Ellie, Charlie and Hazel built pens and fences together from dominos for the plastic animals. Outdoors Bobby and Parker played soccer in the top of the treehouse. Matilda, Scarlett, Sienna and Taylah role played BFF’s and getting married. Ellie engaged in solo sensory play in the sandpit.

Have a great weekend and pupil free day and enjoy the 🌞 sunshine. Sending peace and positivity 🥰👋😎🐝🌺💚🌻🦋 Miss Lea.