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A peaceful morning in the garden as children arranged volcanic pebbles into pictures words, and patterns. Watering the garden, pulling out weeds, tumbling compost and Hazel patted a worm in our worm farm. Talks about what plants we have growing and what our favourite foods are. Children are developing a love of nature and helping to look after our environment. Indoors the children painted smooth rocks and mixed colours with the edge of the paintbrush. Roleplaying families the children constructed houses with beds from mattresses. Children explore and express a wide range of thoughts and views constructively through dramatic play.  To transition to school children caught the ball and named their favourite animal. Children are developing  confident self identities.

this afternoon Scarlett, Sienna, Matilda, Kenya, Taylah engaged in dramatic play as they took on family roles, creating storyline’s in the day and lives of families. Incorporating dolls and props, inc food had them playing for most of the afternoon.  Bobby and Parker developed creativity and fine motor skills as they created many characters from clay, incorporating the characters into their play experiences. Mariah and Ellie and Charlie created rooms in the dolls house then extended their play with dolls and home area to create customers and shops. Taking turns to serve and set up different things to sell. Lucas created a ball game to get a handball into a bucket. Ideas, concepts and problem solving whilst enhancing hand eye coordination.  A very busy and noisy afternoon which reflected lots of excitement and fun.

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