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A lovely brisk morning with warmth on its way as the sun shines through. At Before School Care we welcomed Hazel, Violet and Wynter. Creative development as the girls made patterns of a lollipop tree, fireworks and rainbows onto the rubber band boards  in the playground we all contributed to setting up the play equipment. Balancing on boards, mastering gross motor skills on monkey bars. Lots of enthusiasm as I offered to time them as they took turns. Beating their own time as they remembered how many seconds it took for their last course. Violet was very helpful running along with the younger children guiding them in the right directions. Requests of dance monkey from Hazel.This experience extended into dancing games, most popular song; was the floor is lava. Children’s request to play again and again. Lol. Transition to school catch the ball and name your favourite song.

Another fun afternoon taking turns on the fast straight slides. Becoming aware of fairness and safety as we waited until the person down the bottom was off the mat. Taylah requested songs from Disney movies. Transitioning into the big playground, the children joined in with the younger children, Balance beams, obstacle courses and  role playing in the sand pit.

Thanks for visiting the oshc page. Looking forward to catching up with you all again soon. Stay safe and best wishes for good health. 🐝🌺🎉😎😏🤩🦋 Miss Lea