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Hello Families. Welcome toThursday. R U OK?  Very thankful to bring this awareness today by wearing yellow and supporting this great cause. A group talk with the children to enhance empathy and respect for others. In the playgroundTia, Lucas, Hazel and Violet,played games of Australia Tag. “That’s hard work said Lucas  as he sat down catching his breath. Forward and backward passes Ames it really hard, he added.  Before heading inside a group game of hide and seek helped to bring calmness. Indoors conversations flowed asHazel, Violet, Matilda, and Wynter painted pictures, patterns and words with the water paints. Bobby and Lucas continued with their minecraft collages, cutting, colouring and gluing. The children watched a you tube  clip for RU OK day, on how to be a good friend. We transitioned to school with catch the ball, name your favourite natural disaster. Suggested byBobby.

This afternoon we read Mr McGee and the big bag of bread. Most of the children did their homework to receive Riversdale dollars. Colouring in sheets, creative patterns with stamper pens, cutting, gluing and drawing. Twister challenges were very popular today as the children took turns in groups of 3. Lots of laughs and anticipation as they supported their friends. Lastly was the playdough challenge. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 first  one to make a snail, first one to make a snowman, and lastly first one to make a cube. Outdoors, running around in a group game of tag, followed by a game of soccer. Enhancing gross motor skills as children are becoming aware of fairness.

Please ask to see some photos as I have lots on my iPad. Hope your enjoying your week. Take care and focus on the positives. ❤️💚😷🥰🌻🐝🌞🤩🥳 Miss Lea