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👋 Hello OSHC families. 👋 A lovely start to the morning as Wynter, Lucas and set out to solve the ISpy colouring in sheets. Finding, colouring,  counting and problem solving. Matilda and I played I spy for real guessing what starts the letter…. putting ISpy away to finish later we headed out into the yard. “Can we play the colour game we played yesterday” asked Lucas. We set up colour discs in the treehouse and played music to play the colour game. Extending from this we put the colour dots on the ground as markers to workuptothe last marker. Taking turns to shoot the basketball into the hoop. Matilda, Wynter, and Tia role played a day out in the boat. Cooking along the way with sand and containers. Last stop before school we took turns in the side slides playground. Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite type of ball.

As we walked from school today there was a bit of tension. , We grouped todo some yoga. I played a you tube video of 5 yoga steps for kids. Downward dog, warriors and resting helped bring a grounding balance. Fresh fruit and choclaty slice was enjoyed by everyone. Home corner had Mariah, Keya, Tia and Eva buying and selling things. “Look at all this money we have” boasted Eva and Mariah excitedly. Cubby houses from mattresses and role playing story lines caused a little tension between some, so I brought out the ISpy colouring in, which generated a calm reset. Finding all the fruit, according to the chart and choosing colours brought a. Connectedness as conversations restarted. Ribbon dancing and synchronising rhthyms to the music. Out in the playground Bobby, Reid and Parkerplayed tag, while Sage an Ruby chilledon the swing.

Have a great night, hope you are all having a great week. Take care and stay safe 🤩😷😎🥰👋🌻🎉🐝Miss Lea x