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Hello and Welcome to the OSHC page on this lovely ☀️ sunny Tuesday. Indoors the children completed wooden picture puzzles and requested to make paper planes. We took these outside to colour decorate to make it their own. Scarlett, Sienna, Ruby and Matilda flew and raced their planes from the top of the grass hill. Lucas and Jordan joined in by helping judge who’s could fly the furthest.  Tia expressed how good it felt to just chill on the swing this morning. As 8:00 approached we ventured to the side yard for a group game of stuck in the mud. Arianna took on the roll of eliminating children’s fists from the circle with a rhyme to find out who was going to be the taggers. We ended our play experiences with a quick game of bull rush and transitioned to school with catch the ball and name your favourite animal.

This afternoon we started with a group story. The book was called, Be Happy. Bringing an awareness about making our own choices. Bobby, Parker, Reid, Xavier and Jordan engaged in LEGO construction. Working solo and in pairs to create, a jail, Godzilla and a cell. As part of science week today I placed pallets of white paint and food colouring. Intentional teaching of primary colours and discussions of when we mix other colours we can make any colour from, red, blue and yellow. The children then created their own colours to paint with. Eva and Owen role played in home corner, creating plates of play foods. Bobby and Parker ended the day gluing lots of pictures they drew together to make a Godzilla and King Kong world.

Thanks for reading the OSHC page, please ask to see any pictures as I’d love to share them with you. Take care and stay safe. Sending good vibes, Miss Lea x 😷🙌🏻👋❤️💚😎🐝🐌