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Jumpers came off as children warmed up by playing Hide & Seek tiggy this morning. Becoming aware of fairness as children took turns to count and seek out their friends. Indoors they continued with hide and seek then a game of silent ball. Louie, Otto & Sophia played kids on stage then challenged their hand eye coordination with a rebound disc game. Colouring in and drawing, creating polymer clay enhanced fine muscle development. Transition to school with Limbo and talks in the garden as children spun the compost bins.

This afternoon Miss Crystal offered a guided visualisation for the children. Lucy Reid and Owen interacted with the snails bringing a sense of calmness. Tia created a resort with blocks and dominos. Reading books, colouring in of aboriginal symbols on animals and animal masks. Construction of rubber band boards and LEGO. Home corner the children got out the brushes and role played hairdressers.

I will upload some photos as soon as I can.

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