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Happy Tuesday. In the playground this morning children continued to play hide and seek. Creating two teams to ensure everyone got a turn to find someone, and hence a turn to hide. Swings, conversations, singing and dancingduring their play experiences. We transitioned to the garden,  hildren helped to spread mulch, water plants, an d. Ompost. “It looks like a pogo stick” said Xavier as he pulled the spiral up from 5e compost bin. “Look at all of the stuff I have pulled up” said Lucas as he used the spiral composter. Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite sport or shop or both.Walk and talk, we told and swapped jokes. My favourite was, why don’t you give Elsa a balloon? Because she will let it go.

  A very busy afternoon as the children built cubby houses, role played outback creatures and camping. Fine motor development as children creating shapes with playdough. Art and craft had the children drawing, colouring and cutting out flowers. Sienna, Eva, Owen and Lucy created a game with taking turns to roll the dice and receive a giant domino for your pile.

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