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Hello OSHC families. A lovely morning as we talked about what costumes the children are going to wear for book week at school tomorrow. Outdoors Lucas and Jordan kicked the soccer ball to one another. Enhancing their kicking skills to direct the ball in the right direction. Matilda cooked cupcakes in the mud kitchen with sand and water. Scarlett, Sienna and Tia joinedin to the role play experience by collecting pots, sauspans, bowls and plates. Taking turns to prepare many yummy dishes. Adding wet and dry to form just the right consistency. To mold to stir. Wynter drew hearts and ice creams with faces. We ventured into the garden to plant sunflowers and various Woolworths seeds.Tia wrote the names of plants onto the labels while Bobby Duggar’s holes and planted seeds and covered them in dirt. “The garden is my favourite place to be” commented Bobby as we stood back and looked at the garden. Others watered the plants and pulled out some weeds. To transition to school as suggested by Lucas, the children caught the ball and named their a favourite sports team. Titans was the most popular.

This afternoon as part of bookweek we started a story of the hungry frog followed by Therewas an old lady who swelled  a fly.  A yummy chocolate cake and fresh fruit was enjoyed by all with empty plates. Construction of magnetic shapes, tunnels, dominos and LEGO helped to create buildings that were used in children’s play. Many new colours, patterns, shading, and Father’s Day pictures were made from paint. Painting brought a sense of agency and peacefulness for Tia, Arianna, Sophia, Eva, Scarlett, Sienna, Matilda, and Lucas. Bobby, Lucy, Ruby, and Jordan took turns to play table tennis. As an extension of the girls role play experiences in home corner yesterday they continuing their role play of teachers. Taking turns for spelling and sums. A quick run outdoors ended the day with some laughs.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page, take care and have a lovely night.

If you would like see some pics please ask and I would love to share these with you on my iPad. Miss Lea 🎉🥳😎🙌🏻🦋💚❤️Miss Lea