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welcome to the OSHC page,

such a great morning as children coloured in emojis, cut them out and used natural and processed materials to display them. Some made them into posters and cards. Perseverance as everyone developed fine motor muscles with hard colour clay. It proved a little challenging as children repeatly kneeded the dough to make it pliable. Creative development and inspiring ideas from a cake decorating book. Otto made a robot named bender, Louie made a security duck, Tia made a mushroom, Arianna made a heart with an arrow and a snail, Sophia made a flower, Wynter made worms in mud. Next we will bake them in the oven and start to add them to our garden. Cubby houses were constructed as a popular play experience incorporating role play.

This afternoon, Parker, Bobby, Jordan and Harper constructed pathways, rooms and signs with the mattresses to create a haunted house. Dragons,  Lakers, Lava and skeletons. Taking turns to contribute to ideas of what each room contained. Bobby and Parker continued their play experience by wrapping marsking tape on them to become dancing skeletons.  At the art table children coloured emoji sheets with many small details, gel pen control to colour within the lines. Louie continued with the polymer clay, Reid made a robot from giant LEGO, and Owen and Lucy created pictures on the peg boards.

Our day has been awesome, hope your day is awesome as well.

🌺🥰❤️🐝🐌🦗🕸🎉 Miss Lea