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Happy Tuesday! A lovely morning as the children started their day with a game of hide and seek. Interactions with the snails and Harlequin Colton Beetles brought about a chilled sensory experience, becoming respectful of living things. Building self confidence, I can hold them and control where they go. Becoming aware of the environmental significance of the roles insects play in our world. Due to a Hazy morning and smoke outside we stayed indoors to do more painting. Lucas painted a picture for his mum, Tia, Jordan and Ruby painted night skies with colour blobs. We should paint with blowing straws suggested Arianna. Matilda, Sophia, Arianna continued to paint their boxes that we store in the garden during the day. Scarlett, Sienna, Ruby, and Matilda bartered in a circle discussing play money values and negotiating fairness of how much money eaveryone gets. Jordan, Tia and Lucas worked together to make a very large cubby from mattresses, chairs tables and the parachute. “It has a big tunnel inside” boasted Lucas proudly. Transition to school, catch the ball and choose climb a tree in a park or make a sandcastle at the beach,…climbing a tree was most popular.  Walk and Talk was a game of ISpy. Initiated by Xavier.

This afternoon a group story of Small White Dogs can’t jump. Hungry appetites enjoyed Fresh fruit and home made cookies for afternoon tea.  Sitting at the table was Scarlett, Sienna, Lucy, Matilda, Sage and Mariah interacting with the Harlequin cotton beetles. Using pencils and hands to manuever the beetles. Conversations and building confidence as Sienna and Matilda built the courage to hold the beetles. Interacting with the beetles with a sense of agency. Learning from others as they encouraged their friends by offering support as they needed help. Blocks, Cubby houses, and home corner were other experiences children engaged their attention to. Playing outdoors brought a group game of tag, running off some energy and developing gross motor skills whilst becoming aware of fairness. Mariah and Keyalee did some cooking in the mud kitchen. “I’m making, cupcakes for desert said Keyalee. “ I’m making delicious smoothies” added Mariah. The girls added sand, scooped, stirred and scrapped into various vessels, extending on their own play experiences by making soup, dinner and cereal.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page, looking forward to catching up with you all again soon. I have lots of photos to show you on the iPad. 🥰. Stay safe & keep warm ❤️. Miss Lea 🦋🌺🥳