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Hello and a big welcome to the OSHC page on this lovely Tuesday. This morning Jordan, Wynter, Lucas and Jordan showed persistence as the completed many matching pictures in the tricky magic square puzzle. Tia created a paper envelope, problem solving  by cutting and folding. Outdoors the children helped to set up an obstacle course with beams, stands, tyre, and balls. Challenging their gross motor balancing skills as they jumped from beams and conquered the course. Matilda, Scarlett, Sienna and Ruby, stirred, filled containers, brushed, and dusted trays, with sand as they played with a sense of agency, cooking up chocolate and strawberry cupcakes in the mud kitchen. Jordan, Lucas, and Wynter played hide and seek, taking turns to count while others hid. We got to spend the rest of our morning outdoors today, which had the children give a loud. Here. Lucas, Bobby, Xavier and Jordan went on to play a game of soccer in the tree house, using the poles as goals. The girls practiced their double This that clapping song,to. Hasn’t it as quickly as they could. Transitioning to school catch the ball and name something you can do that makes you healthy.

This afternoon some of the children did their homework while others listened to a group time storybook named “ Jilly and the Bully”. The story encouraged respect and empathy for others. We continued with our Father’s Day craft. Construction of LEGO  giant dominos and magnetic shapes were incorporated into the children’s play experiences, creating props for their dramatic storyline’s.

Take care, focus on the positives and keep being brilliant! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. 👋🥰🌻🐝🦋🤩🥳💩😂👣☀️Miss Lea