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Hello and welcome back to the OSHC page. A quiet morning as Jordan and Wynter played hide and seek with their younger friends from long day care. There was creative development as they  went on to stretch rubber bands on top pegboards to form patterns and shapes. Lots of laughs as we Extending from yesterday’s basketball with a new throwing challenge.  Throwing plastic balls into the holes of the drink bottle stand. Extending again to see if they could roll the balls into the holes, didn’t seem to work so we talked as a group to come up with new rules. It went like this…. we decided to sit and throw. Accumulating points as the balls went into the drink bottle hole  = 5 points, small front basket = 1 point, basket at the back = 2 points.  “ I got 5 and two and two, I got nine points” yelled Jordan excitedly as he boasted his maths skills. As we transitioned to school Jordan and Wynter caught the ball to name their favourite thing with wheels. “I love my bike, it has the most beautiful colours, said Wynter. My favourite is motorbikes, said Jordan. Walk and talk to school, we played eye spy.

A very high energy afternoon in the side yard running to the tops of the slides, sliding down, landing on the mats, taking turns, repeat. Gentle reminders to be aware of our friends still on the mats before sliding down. Sage found a beautiful yellow moth which we put onto the tree. Environmental talks about the importance of moths and what they eat and what eats them. A group game of tiggy in the large playground, got them panting for breath as they ran to the nominatedsafe space. It’s called grannies, said Sage. How do you play that I asked, it just means the tagger  is the granny, replied Sage. Indoors Jordan and Owen completed a quiz as they found  the animals to stand in the 3D pop up zoo book. It was a little tricky knowing what animals ate what. Building their environmental knowledge through play and printed text. Songs, music and dancing with the mini parachute brought a sense of belonging with familiar tunes.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page. Stay safe and healthy, looking forward to catching up again soon.  Take care and stay healthy. Miss Miss 😷🙌🏻🥳🤩😎😏💚🌺🦋❤️

P.S. Please ask to check the photos on my iPad. Would love to share with you.