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Hello Families, Welcome to the OSHC page on this lovely sunny Tuesday. This morning in the playground  I asked the children if they would like to play Rugby tag? “ Yes” replied  Lucas with excitement. We play this at school all the time. “How do you play” asked Jordan, Scarlett, Sienna, and Wynter. Lucas showed leadership skills as the children gathered around to hear the rules. The game was short lived as the girls decided they didn’t want to play after all. Arianna and Sophia arrivedand were very pleased to play a game. “Boys Vs Girls” announced Lucas. “ Ijuat got two goals as I ran straight through. They didn’t get me” said Arianna proudly.  The children engaged in this game sharing laughs and conversations. Scarlett , Sienna, Matilda and Tia went on to ride bikes, play on the swing, balance along beams in the obstacle course as they role played families. They continued this dramatic play indoors incorporating home corner with dolls and play food. Arianna, Sophia , Wynter and Tia created pictures with watercolour paints. Bobby and Lucas put up  the tent, constructing making roller coasters from magnetic shapes on the outside.Transitioning to school, catch the ball to name your favourite book or type of glue. Suggested by Arianna and Sophia.

This afternoon, Miss Steph read some pages of Jordan’s novel “Dog Man”. The gripping adventures are to be continued. Children showed a keen interest in colouring mine raft templates. Colouring, cutting and gluing the pictures  onto  paper as a collage. Colouring and drawing with a sense of agency brought a peaceful afternoon. Tia, Owen and Charlie Ana Sienna constructed walls from giant dominos as fences them created pictures from peg boards. Matilda and Sage role played teachers as they completed their homework. Outdoors the children ran to release some energy in a positive way as they played tag.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page, take care of yourselves. Please ask to see some photos as I would love to share these with you. 😷🥰❤️🌻👋💚🦋🙌🏻 Miss Lea