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Welcome to the OSHC page. His morning Scarlett, Sienna, Wynter, Lucas, Jordan, Tia, Otto and Ruby coloured in and drew pictures with a sense of agency. Later in the morning Tia and Lucas constructed houses from giant domino blocks. Louie enjoyed moments of solitude as he sat quietly read a book on trucks and cars. As an extension of children’s play this morning I created the ping pong challenge. Children contributed their ideas of Bouncing a ping pong ball into bowls and buckets. Using strategies and problem solving had the children regulating their strength to perfect their aim. Every child lined up and took the challenge. Celebrating their effort and the efforts and achievements of their friends. Group time the children asked to receive their Riversdale dollars, finding their envelopes and doing the maths to calculate how much they needed to get to enough to choose from the prize box. Transition to school, children caught the ball, then reflected their favourite toy or sport. Turning the compost on the way to school is always popular too. We Love our garden.

This afternoon, children were excited to create characters from among us colouring  them in and cutting  them out to stick on pegs.  Eva and Otto role played in home corner creating plates of food and roleplaying families. Bobby and Parker used recycled materials and mattresses to construct a cubby with signs they made to make it a computer store. Sage and Matilda constructed a cubby house that kept them safe from others. LEGO and puzzles and wooden shape pictures were children’s choice for this afternoon enhancing their spacial perception and cognitive development. We ended the day with a group game of kids on stage. Taking turns to act out objects, actions or animals.

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with best wishes and love 🌺🎉🐌🐝🐌💚Miss Lea