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This morning we welcomed, Jordan, Lucas, Tia, Wynter, Matilda, Scarlett, Sienna and Xavier. Billy Indoors and we read a book called “Don’t open this book” interactive conversations which included similarities of children’s relatives, and they reflected on life’s choices. Giant LEGO had the children creating Robots. Outdoors children played group games of tag, negotiating roles of fairness as they took turns to be it. We watered the garden, fed the worms harvested and mixed the compost. We found new sprouting leaves on the bean vines, 6 pumpkins, tomatoes, flowers and strawberries. Back indoors conversations flowed at the drawing table with Xavier, Jordan, Lucas and Billy. As they finished their drawing they scrunched paper plus scrunched recycled paper into balls to throw into the bin to see who could get it in.  Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda continued and extended from their play experience from yesterday. Counting money, buy and selling. We got 10,000 followers on tic tok said the girls as they flicked through the play money. Transition to school question computer game or movie. The winner was movies.

This afternoon had the children requesting songs and dancing with ribbons. As an extension from headbands on 12.7.21 today Charlie, Maha, Ellie, and Kianni drew on recycled strips of paper and stapled them together to create headbands and bracelets. Intentional teaching to manouver and click the stapler. More maths skills as children counted and played with the play money. Construction play as cubby houses were built, LEGO and dominos created many levels of houses. Role play experiences with conversations and creative storyline’s. Bobby and Parker discussed homework words and sums. Maha creatively made pictures from magnetic shapes. Playdough brought a sense of agency and peacefulness as children moulded the dough.

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