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Hello families, welcome to the Before and after school Care page. This morning we set up balance beams in a square with steps in between the beams. A green dot to start and a red dot to stop.  The tricky part was that they were not allowed to touch the ground or they would have to restart the course. The children requested they could be timed for the course and strived to beat their own times. Indoors Matilda, Jordan, Lucas and Sienna versed each other in the giant game of connect 4. Forward thinking,and forming strategies to make a line, horizontal, vertically or diagonally. Thrills and excitement as they realised they had formed a line. Bobby, Lucas and Jordan shared the Novels “Dog Man” talking about the stories and sharing their favourite pages. At the back of the books are tutorials of how to draw the characters. The boys then sat down to enhance their creative drawing and cognive skills.  Tia set up the giant 10 pin bowls and children took turns to roll the ball and knock over the pins. “I’m still winning” announced Tia as Lucas took his turn. “Now it’s Jordan’s turn” said Scarlett as named everyone’s order to take their turn fairly. Transitioning to school name your favourite cartoon character.

This afternoon we read a story called “The Dot” this was a contribution to international dot day. The children were then given gold framed paper which they created their own version of dots. Painting with a sense of agency they proudly signed them in pen once finished. Replicating their ownership of what they had painted, just as they had learnt in the storybook. The children continued with the connect 4 challenges, versing their friends and cheering as they won games. Dress ups and home corner had the girls role playing families. Owen and Maha constructed cubes and lines with the wooden blocks and magnetic puzzles. Experimenting with the water trays, moving liquid from various vessels kept the children engaged as they problem solved. Outdoors there was games of hide and seek, while Kianni and Ellie played bakeries in the sand pit. Spooning water into pots, stirring then moulding into cakes.

Thanks for visiting the OSHC page. Please ask to see the photos as I have some great ones to show you on the iPad. ❤️🐝🦋🎉🙌🏻💚👋🥰 Miss Lea