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A lovely morning as the rain stopped and the children ran around playing hide and seek in the playground. Chill time on the swing as Scarlett, Sienna, Matilda, and Ruby took turns to push the swing. Lucas and Jordan passed the footy. “Are you ready. I’m going to get a try” said Lucas as he landed on the cushioned mat. “ My turn” said Jordan as he ran up to the mat and knelt to land on the mat. Tia and Wynter rode bikes and scooters with a sense of agency and calmness. Indoors Ruby Scarlett and Sienna, drew, coloured and cut out pictures as their conversations flowed about their family lives and last day of school. Bobby continued with his favourite sensory play of playdough. Using his body parts to make imprints. Extending to play with toy animals imprints with Xavier. Wynter and Tia created a mattress cubby with mini houses inside made from giant dominos.  Lucas tutored Jordan and Billy with some footy moves. Transition to school, catch the ball and name your favourite sweet.

this afternoon saw the children’s engagement as they collected and counted their Riversdale money. Spending their money in the prize box was Isabella, Coen, Parker, Kenya and Taylah. The envelopes they draw on and write their names, helps to bring a sense of belonging, earning play money encourages good choices and helps children with mathematical skills as they count their money, calculating how much they need  to save up to $10 to spend in the prize box. Cubby houses incorporated classrooms, and families. Playdough brought a sense of sensory calmnes whilst developing fine motor muscles. Mariah and Kiarni problem solved together, then gave a cheer as they completed the giant floor alphabet puzzle.

Thanks for reading the OSHC page.if you would like to see the pics from your child’s day please ask me, i’d Love to share them with you.

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