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Hello OSHC families. An exciting morning as the children arrived in their bookweek costumes. Matilda, Scarlett and Sienna used their characters as reference in conversations as they created storyline’s for dramatic play.  Jordan, Xavier, and Lucas kicked the soccer ball towards the netted goal. Indoors, Bobby, Lucas and Jordan engaged as they read stories that they had brought in for bookweek. Xavier built a fort from giant dominos and sorted individual colours of small dominos to make armies of people. Scarlett, Sienna and Tia created wooden tracks that went down the table and across the room. Matilda and Wynter discussed food at the table as they ate a snack from their lunch boxes. Transitioning to school the children caught the ball and named something they like about their book character


This afternoon at group time Jordan requested to read from Captain underpants and then Kianni asked if I could read her library book to everyone, titled “The night Before Christmas” the children intently listened as they related to waiting atChristmas time. A delicious afternoon tea of fresh fruit and trial mix was enjoyed by almost everybody, as they went back for seconds and thirds. Bobby and Lucas rallied in games of ping pong while, Tia continued her construction play from this morning, making a huge wooden track across the floor over multiple levels. As requested from last week, Kianni and Charlie played with the snails, creating many adventures and houses for the snails as they got showered, patted and bathed in a tough tray. Ruby, Taylah, Ellie and Matilda role played families in home corner. Jordan and Parker chilled out in the play tent, reading their books. Outdoors, Ellie and Kianni engaged in the sensory playofsand in the mud kitchen which has been moved into the sand pit. Matilda and Taylah chilled out onthe swing.

Thank you for reading the OSHC post. Please ask to see the photos on the iPad as there are some great ones 🤩.

have a great night, catch you up again soon. 👋👋 🌻🌺💚❤️ Miss Lea