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Hello Families. Welcome to the OSHC page on this wonderful Wednesday. This morning, Jordan and Lucas rallied with the soccer ball enhancing their coordination and gross motor skills. Matilda, Scarlett, Sienna and Wynter created a lava game with the obstacle course, timing to get their fasted time. Indoors Tia and Wynter used their cognitive skills as they played games of memory. Xavier constructed a fort from large dominoes sorting colour minin dominos as people instide. Scarlett, Sienna and Matilda role played families in ho,e. Order, while Lucas and Bobby decorated the pop up tent with signs. Transition to school as an extension of memory game, catch the ball and add an item to the “ I went Shoppg” list.

This afternoon our group story was Mr McGee and the biting flee. Science experiments of mixing water and colours extended into spray colour water onto paper. Being careful not to sparky too much to form a puddle. The girls engaged in Role playing families in home corner while the boys made signs for the pop up tent. Extending from yesterday’s interests there was more cutting colouring and gluing mine craft pictures to create a collages. Wooden blocks and magnet shapes enhanced spacial perception in construction. Elli and Kianni extended on the memory game by guessing what animal tile they had picked up as they acted like the animal. Outdoors, Bobby, Lucas and Jordan played soccer in the treehouse, becoming aware of fairness as they scored goals. Maha, Taylah, Matilda, Charlie, and Ellie engaged in the sand sensory play, taking turns to dig and build sandcastles.

Please ask to see the pics on my iPad, very happy to share. Have a great night, looking forward to catching up soon, Miss Lea ❤️🥰😷😎👋💚🌻🌺