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Welcome to Friday

Yesterday was our friend Milly’s Birthday 😊 Milly told us all about her day and how she went for a ride on a pony. Before Milly arrived at kindy, her friends wanted to make her birthday cards. Milly was super excited to receive her cards and said, “That’s so kind”.  This morning, Tanner showed off his “Magic Book” to his classmates. When Miss TJ first flipped fast through the pages, we could not see any pictures in the book. They were all blank. We gave the book a shake and said “Abracadabra” and then when Miss TJ flipped through the next second time, we could see pictures of superheroes. The children were all amazed! Thanks for sharing Tanner 😊

We had a lovely morning tea picnic up in the tree house before doing running races along the grass! The group came inside to see some fun experiences set up for the day. We had free painting over with Miss Shanaya, baking cupcakes with Miss TJ (thank you Milly for bringing in the cupcake mixture for us to bake for your birthday), Trolls soundtrack playing on the speaker for dancing on the mat and Lego since the children have been really engaged and enjoying building and using their imagination.

Miss TJ also invited the children over for FACE PAINT! The children loved having their faces painted and then looked at their faces in the mirror afterwards with a big smile. Before lunch we made our way over to the “New Slides” as the children like to call it for a run around and play in the outdoors.

We cannot wait to bake our cupcakes in the oven over sleep time and gobble them all up this afternoon to sing Happy Birthday to Milly.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend 😊

Lots of love from,

Miss TJ and Miss Shanaya xx