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Today, in prekindy , we had a day filled with different activities. As the children always show interest in animals, we decided to set a table for a animals, where we did put the fake grass and animals out.  Children added the dinosaurs to the farm play. They pretended that the dinosaur lived in jungle and had a routine like us. Involving waking up in the morning, going for a walk, eating and then going back to sleep. Slowly children involved cars in the play and then we started a garage where we fixed many cars.  During whole this play we learnt how to take turns and how using our words help us play with others.

We also had playdough play on the table, as, one of the children brought the playdough equipments and asked if we can play with playdough. He suggested the colour red. So we made a red playdough. This activity gave us the opportunity to sit together as a group and help us learn sharing and taking turns with improving our fine motor skills.

Home corner was our favorite as always. In the group time, we talked about the green and red choices again, which we are paying attention too.

Have a wonderful afternoon and a great weekend!

By Parminder and Jessica Bell