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Happy Happy Friday Friends and Families 😊

Enjoying the sunshine as much as we could we spent the morning outside again which the children were so happy about, since they had been stuck inside for the early hours of the morning because of the rain. Pre Kindy were straight into the obstacle course that was set up in a line. The children had to walk through a wooden tunnel, step up and down on the steps, balance across the bridge and jump through the hoola hoops. The group started to play a game of “Watch out for the crocodile”, imagining that the floor was water filled with crocs. The children also enjoyed exploring the bark and sand, cooking with the materials around them and working together in group to create. The children eventually spread themselves around the yard climbing and sliding on the grass hill, racing around on the bikes, sliding down the slides racing another friend down the other slide and investigating the garden.  Council workers visited the street in front of the fence with their big trunk and in their construction safety gear. Pre Kindy ran over to the fence to observe the workers who were fixing up the pot holes on the road. The children were very curious, asking Miss TJ lots of questions and we even got a wave goodbye from the workers.

The rain decided to give us another visit, so we made our way inside to stretch our bodies, shaking out all of our sillies before reading ‘The Jungle Boogie’ which was a sing a long story. This group really loves their music and it was very cute that they joined in on the story, clapping and singing along.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 😊

Miss TJ x