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Happy Friday families, we hope you’ve had a wonderful end to your week!

We started our day in the side yard which was quite the treat! The children enjoyed the two slides, racing each other down them. beneath the slides on the deck area we had a small dance party with frozen and Moana playlists playing. Behind the slides was the balance beams, ladders and tunnel made into an obstacle course.

We made our way to the classroom and participated in group time, We started our group time by reciting the indigenous acknowledgment, the children recited this without educator assistance, they were quite proud of their efforts. We then went straight into our good morning song before exploring the days of the week. I asked the children if they could remember what day it was yesterday, Harrison M responded “Thur, Thur, Thursday”. Next, I asked what day today was, Cohen responded “Miss Beks favourite day Friday” Harrison L informed the class that tomorrow is Saturday, and we get to stay home. Romney was today’s weather bird he let us know that the sun was out, with Harper explaining that it might start raining later through the day.

Lincoln had requested Scissor cutting today so Miss Bek set up a scissor cutting experience at the art table the children worked individually and closely supervised as they used their fine motor and cognitive skills to manipulate the scissors, cutting straight lines into white A4 paper. Ayla, Harrison M, Harrison L, Cruiz, Gabriella, Harper, Amelia, and Romney all enjoyed this experience, Romney, Harrison M and Harrison L extended on this pencil drawing, they were joined by Cohen and Colton.

While Bek was setting up the scissor cutting experience, the children explored the duplo on the mat, Harper, Cruiz, Amelia, Charlotte, Gabriella, Harrison L, Colton, Harrison L, Grace, Cohen and Conall all explored this. Grace, Cohen and Conall stayed at this activity throughout activity time. Charlotte, Harper and Amelia, made their way over to our dramatic play area where they role-played as princess’ Gabriella, Ayla and Harrison L accompanied Charlotte, Harper and Amelia in the dramatic play area, together they explored different fruits in the kitchen.

Bjorn was busy with Lincoln and Cruiz exploring the dinosaurs, starting of at the shelf and then moving them along to the tables before ending up on the mat area with the duplo. We were quick to pack away in time for Funky feet with Miss Jen. Miss Jen noticed our children’s voices wall and had observed that the children had been talking about gymnastics in the Olympics, Miss Jen used this for today’s funky feet class, Jen taught each child the correct way to do a forward roll before ending our class with the floor is lava song.

As the children packed away their afternoon tea dishes they made their way to Miss Bek over on the group time mat for our afternoon music and movement session. We have been participating in guided dance routines from GoNoodle. The children look forward to seeing what we will be dancing to every afternoon. Today we danced to:
– Banana, banana, meatball
– Roar
– Follow instructions.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Bek and Miss Connie.