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Hello families and friends. Welcome to our wonderful wet Friday. Today the children were intrigued by the rain, so during our first group time we sang the song ‘Rain Rain’. We also chatted about how we like to jump in muddy puddles and play in the rain. Miss Lyn read the book ‘How The Birds Got Their Colours’. While reading this the children said they were sad that the crow didn’t get a colour and that he stayed black. During our second group time we read another book called ‘Home And Dry’ also about the rain, plus the children shared with us some of the things they did last weekend. Activity time consisted of the following experiences
– Bubble wrap painting extending on the use of recycled materials – construction using the farm animals and fencing – puppet play – using the indoor obstacle course with Miss Livia and creating with the colour match tiles. Then it was time for dance class with Miss Jen. Everyone was super excited when she showed them her FIbrefly which swirls and makes rainbows as you dance. The children all sat nicely waiting for their turn to show how they could create their own rainbows as they twirled around. They also did the Limbo, seeing how high and how low they go. It’s been a fun rainy Friday. We hope you have a lovely weekend. See you all next week.

love from Miss Livia & Miss Lyn 😊🌸🌸😊