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It was a busy outdoor day today for Pre Kindergarten. We made sure we reapplied our sun cream and frequently had sips of cool water. The children had a morning tea picnic in the outdoor classroom above the sandpit, before engaging in activities. Miss Tiffany Had set up a butterfly painting experience on the veranda, Using a variety of paint the children painted their own piece of A3 paper, with assistance from Miss Tiffany, they children folded their paper in half to create a butterfly effect, This was an extension on the nature scavenger hunt the children participated in yesterday, as they hunt for butterflies and other living and non-living things we can find in the outdoor environment. As it was a warm day, we ensured the environment always remained safe, this included hosing the environment to ensure the surfaces did not get too hot. This sparked a lot of questions from the children, “Why do you have the hose?”, “what are you doing that for?” This was the start of a sun safe conversation amongst the Pre-Kindergarten children. We spoke about always drinking water and wearing our hats while outside, we then addressed the need to reapply suncream throughout the day.

Water play was very popular today, the children used the pump to see how far they could make the water got in the stream under the bridge, they came across a green and yellow plastic boat and placed it in the stream to see if it would float, unfortunately we didn’t have enough water, but we will definitely return to this experience and try again. As we hosed the yard to cool it down it formed another mud puddle around the tap area. The children had a blast jumping in the mud and getting messy.

Miss Jen arrived for our weekly funky feet class. Today we played the children’s favourite dance game, ‘The floor is lava’ we were very lucky to have our senior kindy friends join us for this game. We then dance to ‘under the sea’ and demonstrated our own interpretation of sea creatures.

Before we knew it, it was time to head inside to make our beds and get ready for lunch.

We had a wonderful day today.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany