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Happy Friday

Pre-Kindergarten had a wonderful Friday with each other. This morning, we noticed the Pre Kindy children enjoying experimental messy play with sand, water, bark and some other materials around them. The children were using tools to help them mix and create. We decided to have our morning tea in the garden area, munching up our fruit and raisin bread while observing the Rainbow Lorikeets up in the trees above us.The children saved their fruit scraps to feed to the worms in our worm farm. While visiting the worms we noticed a strawberry growing amongst our vegetable and herb garden. Ellie invited her friends to smell some of the herbs in the garden.Miss TJ asked the children if they wanted to head inside or continue playing outside which they all replied “OUTSIDE!”.

I was definitely a great choice to play outside since it was such a beautiful day. To continue the experimenting fun and smelling and exploring the herbs we made a cooking station with plenty of plates, bowls, pans, utensils, scissors and a big bowl full of herbs and leaves to mix and add. The children LOVED this table set up in the shade and using their imagination to create.

Miss TJ put a box full of her old dress ups in the tree house with some kids dance music. Wow what a fun party we had dressing up, laughing with each other and having a boogie. Check out our awesome outfits for the party!

The children also enjoyed some spontaneous play, racing the bikes and scooters around the track and around the yard, digging in the sand pit and playing with the water pump- watching the water flow down the rocks.

We came inside to read ‘The Bin’ which Miss Leesa let us borrow which taught us all about the third bin, the green waste bin.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week 🙂

Miss TJ and Miss Shanaya x