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Happy Friday

This morning the children were enjoying some running around this morning in-between spells of rain, climbing up and over the obstacle course and racing around on the bikes and scooters. Once we came inside the Pre-Kindy children chose a book off our bookshelf to do quiet reading with a friend or by themselves in a comfy spot in the classroom to take a minute to cool down and to be focused for our group time. Miss Parminder invited the children to make a circle, stretch our bodies and warm up our voices to a few of the children’s choices of nursery rhymes.

During activity time the Pre-Kindy children were really engaged in their experiences that they chose off of the shelf or voiced with us what they would like to play with. They chose to do playing with the pink play dough that we made, role playing hairdressers and salons in the home corner and exploring a few fine motor and problem solving challenging activities such as magnets and the dominos.

Before lunch we created a dance floor on the green mat and boogied away to DJ Miss Steph playing tunes and moving her body in all different movements to the beat. It was a magical moment seeing all the children trying to mimic and then copy what she was doing. The Pre-K group are doing such an amazing job at settling into their new room and making new friends.

Have a great afternoon

Miss Steph and Miss Parminder